Linear Programming & Dynamic Programming

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I was reading something on algorithm and a question occurred:

What’s the difference between Linear Programming and Dynamic Programming?


After digging on the internet for a while, I found people already had the Q&A 50 years ago.

( A short bio and a list of publication of the author could be found on wiki and his personal webpage.

It’s amazing someone is still active in research 50 years after getting his PhD degree.🙂

And here’s an interesting quote from his webpage about artificial intelligence:

Expertise is pattern discrimination and association based on experience. It is intuitive. There is no evidence you can reduce it to rules and theory. Hence, Artificial Intelligence probably can’t be produced using rules and principles. That’s not what intelligence is.”



To make things simple, we can just view Linear Programming as the optimization problems in the form of linear systems;

while Dynamic Programming as solving optimization problems with certain restrictions recursively.



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