Setting up Eclipse with TensorFlow

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I think it’s time to move on to TensorFlow and embrace the DL world now….

So first, why TensorFlow? It’s mainly due to the following comparison from Dr. Matt Rubashkin:

A concise summary of deep learning frameworks


I chose TF because it supports multi-GPUs and it’s supposed to be easy to setup — and yes it is!

Here’s how to setup TF on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, with Eclipse PyDev:

  1. we’ll need CUDA 8;
  2. we’ll need JAVA + eclipse;
    1. JAVA 8 installation:
    2. Eclipse + PyDev:
  3. we’ll need TensorFlow, using pip installation (with pip we can easily import libraries into Eclipse):
  4. and now here’s the fun part: import TF into Eclipse: Eclipse->Window->Preferences->PyDev->Interpreters->Python Interpreter->New, select the python interpreter under your TF bin folder.

If Eclipse still reports error as not able to import tensorflow, try “import sys” so to reload library path again.

Things should be good now. Have fun! =3=

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